High Standards? Which Way is Up?
Why Countries Sign Trade Deals "Against Their Interest"

China Rights Abuses on the Rise... Where's leverage when you need it?

See Andrew Jacobs in NYT:

Emboldened by China’s newfound economic prowess but insecure about its standing at home, the Chinese Communist Party has been tightening Internet censorship, cracking down on legal rights defenders and brushing aside foreign leaders who seek to influence the outcome of individual cases...

In the 31 years since the People’s Republic of China and the United States established diplomatic relations, Chinese officials have often resisted American intervention on human rights, calling the issue a domestic matter. But there has generally been some give and take, largely behind the scenes, especially in the years after the violent suppression of protests in Tiananmen Square, when China was eager to shed its pariah status abroad.

That leverage began dissipating in 2001 after China was admitted to the World Trade Organization, and Congress surrendered the right to review China’s human rights record before granting it favorable trade status.

I'm just sayin' is all I'm sayin'.

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