Chamber of Commerce critiques own method in trigger-happy response to Public Citizen
Lobbyists Pick "Eat, Pray, Love" over Report Discrediting their Major Trade Claim?

Lori Wallach on HuffPo: "Jobs & Exports: New Report Highlights Obama Peril with Bush Trade Pacts"

Check out Lori Wallach's latest piece on the Huffington Post:

"The growth rate of U.S. exports to the countries with whom we do NOT have Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) has been over double that to U.S. FTA partners. That stunning finding should put an end to recent Obama administration talk about reviving three NAFTA-style FTAs leftover from the Bush era. And, it should provide impetus to finally implement President Obama's campaign commitments to renegotiate aspects of the past FTAs, and create a new American trade pact model going forward.

The core justification for FTAs like NAFTA and CAFTA is that they boost exports. Yet Public Citizen's recent study "Lies, Damn Lies and Export Statistics," analyzes the actual government trade flow data. It showed that, if exports to the 17 U.S. FTA partners had only grown as much as exports to the rest of the world, the U.S. would have had an extra $72 billion in exports over the past decade..."

Read the entire piece at the Huffington Post.

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