Pollsters say fair trade may be Dems' lifeline
Find Layoffs Caused by Outsourcing and Imports

"Nine weeks. Six to eight hours a day in a bicycle seat..."

"... And who knows how many lessons to be learned in conversation over coffee. Or, herbal tea. Organic, fair trade, sustainably harvested, cruelty-free herbal tea." Elizabeth Wynne Johnson on WAMU's Power Breakfast  One-james-bicycle-revolution

Yesterday, Global Trade Watch's Senior Field Organizer James Ploeser departed from West Virginia on a 2000+ mile journey by bicycle to the UN Climate Summit in Cancun, Mexico. With freelance organizer friend Jamie Trowbridge, Ploeser's mission is to connect the issue of climate change to economic globalization in order to "weave together a broader story about what it's going to take to really solve the greatest challenge of our generation."

You can find a full transcript of the interview on Power Breakfast here, audio here, and learn more about the Climate Reality tour here.

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