Rewriting Economic History for the Korea FTA
Liveblogging the Korea FTA Hearing

Video: Protesters in San Francisco voice opposition to the Korea trade deal

Last week, the California Fair Trade Coalition organized a rally “to call on Minority Leader Pelosi to join with the majority of Americans in opposing the job-killing NAFTA-style KORUS FTA, which puts corporate profit over worker rights, environmental regulations, food safety, human rights and much more.”

Keynote participants included  

  • Kim Kyung-Ran, Director of External Relations, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions
  • Howard Wallace, Vice President of San Francisco Labor Council 
  • Frank Martin Del Campo, President, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement 
  • Larry Wing, President, Air Transit Employees, Local Lodge 1781, IAM 
  • Christine Ahn, Korean Americans for Fair Trade 
  • Anuradha Mittal, Executive Director, Oakland Institute 
  • Victor Menotti, Executive Director, International Forum on Globalization

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