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Liveblogging the Kirk Hearing on NAFTA Expansions

The Ways and Means Committee is having its second hearing on the NAFTA expansions to Korea, Panama and Colombia. The hearing is also looking at problematic attempts to expand the World Trade Organization's restrictions on domestic regulations, and the Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement (FTA). The U.S. Trade Representative, Ron Kirk, is testifying. I'll be live-blogging over at FiredogLake, and attempt to provide a real-time fact check. (If you want to watch the live feed, go here.)

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Don Juan of Austria

Thanks for the blogging.

Very depressing, though. The Republican Congress seems completely out of touch with most Americans' concerns with these agreements. And most of the Dems seem to be trying to stand one millimeter more fair trade than the Republicans, i.e., not very fair trade.

We need some resurgent populism to tell these Chamber of Commerce offshorers that they don't get to offshore good jobs anymore.

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