Wisconsin, Korea, and the attack on working families
The Korea FTA’s Contribution to the U.S. Trade Deficit

How the Korea FTA Could Provide New Revenue for the North Korean Dictatorship via Increased Access to the U.S. Market: Responding to Inaccuracies in Recent Commentary

The prospect of the U.S.-South Korea FTA providing a means for North Korea’s Kim Jong Il dictatorship to generate new funding for its weapons programs is emerging as a hot issue in the escalating congressional debate. Our new memo explains how a loophole in the FTA could provide backdoor North Korean access to the U.S. market, in conflict with U.S. sanctions, and the sweatshop conditions in North Korea's Kaesong Industrial Complex, where 120 South Korean firms operate. The memo also explains why recent interventions by the Obama administration and corporate sources to quell this debate are not convincing.

Read the full memo here.

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