PMD: "Strictly Business" interpretations of a WTO rule
Postscript on PMD

April 2011 Executive Order on North Korea: Another Missed Opportunity to Address Conflict between Korea FTA and U.S. Sanctions Program

PicfsObama's executive order “Prohibiting Certain Transactions with Respect to North Korea” (4/11/11) does nothing to remedy the conflict between the current U.S. sanctions on North Korea and the terms of the U.S.-South Korea Free Trade Agreement. "South Korean" goods with parts made in North Korea's Kaesong sweatshop zone would still be able to enter the U.S. duty-free.

Read our full memo to find out why.

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Could the exception for essential security interests, combined with its footnote, provide a solution should a conflict arise between the US and South Korea over the banning of certain imports?

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