New Wall Street loophole opens U.S. up to WTO attack
Lori Wallach Profiled in The Hill

Gordon Lafer in The Hill: Choose Voters over Donors on Free Trade

Check out Gordon Lafer's op-ed in The Hill about the Colombia trade deal:

The Hill masthead 
Choose Voters over Donors on Free Trade

"As a political scientist, I’m sometimes asked how it’s possible for a democracy to enact laws that are opposed by the majority of voters. There is no clearer illustration of how this works than the current race to enact a free trade agreement with Colombia. The majority of Americans opposes NAFTA-style treaties. It’s not just union members; only 27 percent of Republicans think 'free trade' helps us. ... To see the Obama administration and Republican leadership quietly collaborating to seal this deal in knowing violation of the voters’ will is among the most telling signs of corporate power in Washington, and among the most depressing stories in these tough times."

Read the entire piece here.

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