Tucker in Extra!: The Trade Debate That Wasn’t Reported
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Tucker on ABC on WTO attack on food labels

See our own Todd Tucker on ABC News last night discussing the WTO attack on consumer labels:


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This video is as inaccurate as can be. Food labels in the US will not disappear. Wrong. Food labeling laws need to change, because as they stand, the utterly complex way through which they inform the consumers makes it harder for foreign producers to sell their meat in the US.

I am pretty sure the mom they are interviewing does not know how to interpret meat labels in the US properly. So, in a way, the WTO ruling may end up helping her.

This case is not that different from a previous beef case the US won against Korea.

Stating or implying that the Appellate Body has ruled that the US may not inform its consumers where the meat that is being sold to is false and misleading. The US may continue to do so.


And by the way, who is Tucker? Does he always talk about things he very clearly has not read and does he always make sweeping statements that are patently false?

Because information is public, please read the Appellate Body report and decide for yourselves what its content is. Don't be mislead by people who claim to know like the guy they're interviewing.


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