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Concerns about TPP's IP Chapter Grow Among Civil Liberties and Human Rights Groups

As the 14th round of TPP negotiations begins in Leesburg, apprehension about how the intellectual property (IP) chapter could affect free speech, global health and human rights continues to grow among prominent watchdog groups.

Last week, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) described the TPP as "the latest threat to free speech in guise of IP reform” and criticized the negotiations for lack of congressional oversight.

Amnesty International chimed in on Thursday urging the TPP to “put people ahead of profits” and uphold basic principles of transparency and human rights.  Amnesty particularly stated concern that TPP would raise the cost of essential medicines by "stifling" generics.  For more information on how the IP chapter stands poised to jack up medicine costs, check out Public Citizen's Access to Medicines page.

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