Live from Lima: Rising Awareness in Peru about the Dangers of Investor-State
Recap from Lima: What Went Down at the Public Forum on the Renco/Doe Run Investor-State Case

Live from Lima: Peruvian Press Briefed on Implications of Renco Case and Dangers of TPP


Pictured Above: A press conference is held at the Hotel Melia in Lima on the $800 million investor-state case that the US-based Renco corporation launched against Peru on behalf of its subsidiary Doe Run ; HispanTV Interviews Public Citizen's Melinda St. Louis.

A press conference was held in Lima yesterday in conjunction with the events organized this week to increase awareness about the injustice of Renco’s investor-state case against Peru.

Several major Peruvian news outlets attended and were briefed on the case, including HispanTV, Gestion, El Comercio, and Servindi, among others. Featured experts presented on the dire situation in La Oroya, the implications of corporations' soaring usage of the investor-state system as an avenue to evade justice, and the increased rights that would be granted to such corporations through the TPP.

This morning, articles ran in several of the major newspapers, including Gestión, La República, and La Primera.

Australia has already announced publicly that it will not take part in the investor-state provisions of the TPP.  Will Peru heed the warning of Renco / Doe Run and follow suit?

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PUBLIC FORUM TONIGHT: Starting at 6 PM EST tonight, we will be live-tweeting the Public Forum over at @PCGTW. Community members will be invited to learn more from experts about Renco's investor-state attack and hear from those who have been directly affected by the pollution in La Oroya.

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