Flood of 10,000 Critical Public Comments Spotlights TAFTA Controversy
RECAP FROM LIMA: Experts, Activists, and Peruvian Members of Congress Rally Against the TPP

LIVE FROM LIMA: Our Health, Environment, and Rights are Not Negotiable!

NonegociableCivil society from around the globe are in Lima, Peru for the 17th round of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations to tell negotiators that a trade agreement that prioritizes the rights of corporations above the well-being of citizens is not acceptable. For the latest news, click here at 5pm today (May 17) to participate in a webinar hosted by activists in Lima.

Several Peruvian organizations have joined together to launch the No Negociable! (Not Negotiable!) campaign to highlight the grave threats that the TPP poses to Internet freedom, the environment, workers' rights, and public health.

Events kicked off on Wednesday when Peruvian activists took part in a press conference  to express their concerns about the TPP:


+Julia Cesar Cruz (Red Peruana de Pacientes y Usarios), representing Peruvians living with HIV, tuberculosis, and cancer, said that patients of these diseases and others are terrified about how the TPP proposals could affect the lives of those living with chronic illness. She called on President Humala to follow through on his campaign promise to guarantee access to medicines for Peru’s poorest.

+Jose de Echave (CooperAcción) expressed concerns about how TPP’s investment chapter would allow crucial policies to protect indigenous communities and the environment to be challenged.

+Juan Jose Gorritti (CGTP) rejected a trade agreement model that does not respect workers' rights and encourages a race to the bottom.

+Crisólogo Cáceres (ASPEC) expressed concerns about how the TPP would impact consumer rights and privilege corporations over consumers.

+Alejandra Alayza (RedGE) spoke about a Peruvian petition that will be sent to President Humala. (Spanish speakers can find a video of Alayza speaking at the press conference here).


Several other civil society events have been planned during the round, including an all-day public forum, a protest, and the delivery of signatures to President Humala.  

Stay tuned to Eyes on Trade, as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages, for periodic updates from Lima.

Today: You can also learn more about what is happening on the ground by connecting to a webinar hosted by activists in Lima. To take part in the interactive webinar, join this link TODAY, Friday, May 17th, at 5 PM EST.

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