A Fast Track to Greater Inequality?
A Shady Deal: The Secrecy and Substance of the Largest U.S. Trade Pact

Video: "Peril in the Pacific" Spotlights TPP's Dangerous Investor Privileges

Friends of the Earth, U.S. has released a video highlighting the threat that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) poses to the environment and human rights. Check out the video below to learn more about how the TPP's investment chapter (a draft of which has leaked) favors corporations over people and the environment by allowing comapnies to drag a government to an extrajudicial tribunal if they feel that a public interest law has affected their ability to make a profit.

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I'm very concerned about what TPP will do to nations' ability to regulate Big Pharma, both on price issues and on basic drug safety. Are you guys aware of extensive Pharma investments of the billionaire Pritzker family -- as in Penny Pritzker, new Secy of Commerce, who will be negotiating TPP and TAFTA? If not feel free to email me, or just start your Google search with "Bay City Capital" ... that's just the beginning.

George Veronis

I have tried for some time to warn people about the dangers of the impending approval of the TPP, but practically no one has heard about it. What amazes me is that Obama is pushing for it to become firmly entrenched as part of the international policy of this country. But the entire plan is underwritten by corporations for corporate interests. What happened to the president that we elected? It's clear that corporations have penetrated into his circle of advisors. We have to stop TPP before it is approved. How can we do that?

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