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Rethinking Trade - Season 1 Episode 4: The Looming COVID-19 Medicine Shortage

Introducing the “Rethinking Trade with Lori Wallach” Podcast

With the world rightfully focused on fighting COVID-19, corporate lobbyists are hard at work pushing for more of the same failed trade policies that helped create the unreliable supply chains now failing us. In conversation with Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch Director Lori Wallach and National Field Director Ryan Harvey, “Rethinking Trade with Lori Wallach” provides a new resource in our efforts to expand public awareness about how trade policies impact our lives and the planet we live on.

We launched the podcast this month with an episode focused on how corporate-led globalization has fueled shortages in our medical supply-chains and limited our ability to fight against the Coronavirus. In this week’s episode, Lori explains how medicine shortages could become the next obstacle in the COVID-19 crisis. Decades of bad trade and tax policies have incentivized pharmaceutical corporations to outsource the production of many categories of drugs – and also production of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) that are drugs’ key ingredients.

We will post the transcript of each episode exclusively on the Eyes on Trade blog. The transcripts for the first three episodes are available here:

Give Rethinking Trade a listen and subscribe today.

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