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The Post agrees: Rep. Doolittle's fundraising stinks

You might remember our blog post from last week, in which we pointed out the astoundingly questionable fundraising practices of Rep. John Doolittle (R-Calif).  Not only does Doolittle pay his campaign fundraising company on commission - a practice that violates the ethics codes of national fundraising associations because it encourages opportunism - but the company just happens to employ his wife, and only his wife... and it operates out of their suburban Virginia home!

In a strongly-worded editorial on Friday, the Washington Post agreed that Doolittle's fundraising practices "couldn't smell more," and that they amount to the congressman and his wife skimming 15% off the top of all campaign contributions to enlarge their own personal bank account.

We thank the Post wholeheartedly for agreeing with our condemnation of Doolittle's unethical practices. And members of Congress still wonder why the public doesn't trust them....

-Gordon Clark


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