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Bird-dogging for Democracy

Congress has gone home for the spring recess, which means it is the perfect time to catch up with your representative and senators.  We are asking activists all over the country to "bird-dog" their members of Congress to find out where they really stand on the issues.  Sound like fun? 

We’ve put together some tips on bird-dogging, in case you’re interested in getting out and asking your members for some real answers.  You and I know that our democracy depends upon our initiative to seek out our representatives and get their attention.  We must not let them off the hook by letting their press people and the media make the conversation only about the headlines.  Transformational democracy -- real progress -- requires us to make the conversation about changing the status quo.

Who will stand up for us if we don’t? 

Not to mention that it’s a hoot to catch them without their spin on. . . if you can.  Some of you folks make it a point to attend public appearances by your elected officials and dog them with the tough, important questions.  If you’ve got some advice for others or an experience to share, even if it is your very first time bird-dogging, please click on comments below.

Let’s take Congress back, one member at a time! 


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Melanie Otwell

This is GREAT information. Thanks for the step-by-step tips to get started on bird-dogging. We have no more excuses not to "stand up for us"!


"Who will stand up for us if we don’t? "

Well, not Public Citizen apparently. Your pimping this anti-democracy "Fair" Elections Now Act may get you in solid with your democratic party masters, but if you think killing off third parties and independent candidates is helpful, don't do us any favors.

It's gut churning, watching a once indepenent organization shill for the two major parties. Surely this will help you "take back" Congress. Or rather, it'll help Congress congeal even further into a millionaires / billionaires club in which only federally approved Republicrats run for what were once public offices.

Shouldn't you change the name to "Private Citizen?" Or maybe "Shills-R-Us?"


House ethics rules are very broad and provide that any Member, Officer or Staff shall conduct themselves “in a manner that shall reflect creditably on the House.” Other ethics clauses Require Any Person in the Government to “Expose Corruption wherever Discovered.” These are solemn obligations to ensure that members of Congress and Staff will preserve the integrity and dignity of the institution and Expose Wrongdoing.

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