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Funny Money Hits the Hill

If members of Congress think that the fight to clean up Washington ended on Nov. 7, they are sorely mistaken.

Yet there are still plenty of politicians here who DO NOT want to change a thing.  Others who ran on cleaning up Washington still have not delivered.  It's easy for politicians to get a little too comfortable with the way things work in DC…

The truth is you gotta keep on bugging them.

Public Citizen and other reform groups have been prodding Congress to put their lobbying and ethics reform bill back on the front burner.   We don’t want the political momentum for bold reform to lose steam and are asking folks to pull out all the stops to keep it going until it gets passed.

That is why we are delivering "funny money" lobbyist cash to reps. on behalf of their constituents.  Our activists are demanding to know who how much bundled campaign contributions are coming from lobbyists and what for-profit grassroots lobbying firms are spending big bucks to influence Congress on controversial legislation.

We figured -- money talks in Washington.  Take a second to send your own and say it's time for real change, and not chump change.


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