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Bork Sues for Punitive Damages

robert bork

Robert Bork is suing the Yale Club of New York City for $1,000,000 plus punitive damages.  The former federal appeals court judge and failed nominee for the Supreme Court slipped and fell while ascending a dais at the Yale Club.  Although he did hurt his left leg and head, he went on to deliver a speech.  You can read his complaint here [pdf].

To call this ironic fails to capture the full scope of its absurdity.

For those who don't know, Bork has spent his career denouncing "lottery-like windfalls" offered by juries to injured victims.  That he is now seeking such a large sum in compensatory and punitive damages is baffling.  Perhaps this is a sign he is mellowing with old age.

A leading proponent of tort reform, Ted Frank, is equally puzzled by this: "I find Judge Bork's slip and fall suit against the Yale Club embarrassingly silly... it's beyond me what his lawyers are thinking in asking for punitive damages."

We wish Bork a speedy recovery and a fair trial.


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