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Where Customers are Never Right

Arbitration Over at Creditcards.com -- a website that helps people pick (you guessed it) credit cards -- there is an article warning consumers about binding mandatory arbitration.  They highlight the dangers of forced arbitration and its differences from the civil justice system. 

One of the most alarming is that unlike court judges, arbitrators do not have to obey the rule of law.  They can ignore key evidence and flout the law because their decisions are usually secret (unless both parties agree to make them public) and are rarely appealable to a real court.  It’s no surprise then that Public Citizen’s report, The Arbitration Trap, uncovered that consumers lose 94 percent of the time in arbitrations in California.

Want to avoid forced arbitration?  Your only choices are to get an AARP card (if you happen to be a senior citizen) or join one of the credit unions that doesn't require it. 

If you get trapped in arbitration, read their tips to help keep things fair.


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As a math and science and computer guy not a Legalese speaker I didn't even know what a BMA clause was until I came here. People complain all the time when I use computer jargon to explain something yet feel ten pages of fine print written in psodo-Latin English legalese mumbo jumbo is appropriate for my employment contract I'm FORCED to sign in order to be employed get insurance credit card bank account etc.
From now on I'm not even going to try to simplify my language for you non-technical legal types. If you can't understand a simple Fourier transform or the simple mathematics of calculating tangent velocities of counter rotating objects I should be able to take you for all your worth right? Because I spent my time advancing the human condition as an engineer instead of being a legal parasite I'm a lower class member of society not deserving of the rights I unknowingly signed away. I mean thats the whole logic of most of the legal arguments I have heard. If your not a lawyer and don't understand the language you shouldn't participate in modern society by getting credit, cell phone, car, home etc.
The BMA clause is an obvious attempt at circumventing the constitutional rights of individuals for personal gain. Any company that uses such a clause in a contract must be considered suspect if they have a BMA clause they must be worried about lawsuits right, they must be doing something Illegal if they have this clause written in to protect themselves against our system.

Thanks for the warning, here's one for you legal types, This country used to run on roads and laws, now it's run on computers. Every day computer geeks like me get stronger and word smiths and smarmy lawyers get a little weaker. one day you will look back and wonder why your bank account is empty your credit rating is ruined your house and car are repossessed your medical records "forget" that you are allergic to X and you suddenly have a long criminal record and arrest warrants you were unaware of.
Sorry you should have read through all that computer code on that program you ran on your PC before signing the EULA............

hmm... I think I'm going to start putting legal stuff in my computer code like "if this product is used in a law office 10% of all profits go to me" Better start learning C++ and JAVA if you expect to be a part of society, get a credit card, by a home etc...

Turn about is not only fair play, it's a lot of fun.

By reading this sentence you agree to name all your children BILL GATES and send 50% of before tax income to.....

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