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Obama's Other Shoe Drops

There was much attention this weekend to the Obama campaign’s claim that it raised a whopping $150 million in September. This figure dwarfed the $84 million grant the campaign would have needed to live with for September and October if Obama had opted to participate in the public funding system, as McCain did.

But Obama evidently raised much more than even that. This weekend, Obama's joint-fundraising committee – which solicits money in Obama's name and funnels most of it to the Democratic Party – reported that it vacuumed up $69 million. The $69 million appears to be largely in addition to the campaign's purported $150 million bonanza, but we will not know for sure until the campaign issues its official September report, which is due tonight.

Contributors to Obama's joint committee are allowed to give up to $30,800, in contrast to the $2,300 maximum they can give to Obama's official campaign committee. More than 600 people wrote checks of at least $25,000 to the joint committee last month, the New York Times reports.

As we wrote on Thursday, Obama's rival for the presidency, John McCain, also has made significant use of these joint-committees, which are technically legal but make a mockery of the intent of campaign finance laws. McCain's joint committees reported last week that they raised $87 million between July and September, bringing their joint-fundraising total to $150 million.


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